Shipping Support

On-Site and Off-Site Staff Augmentation

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Off-Site Solution - e-Shipper™

WMG offers practical and cost-effective support in the form of off-site electronic preparation and certification of shipping paperwork and associated documentation, giving the customer “Peace-of-Mind”.

When using our e-Shipper™ service, the customer provides the raw shipping data to WMG and our highly trained and experienced personnel complete the paperwork package remotely. Then the finished documentation package is sent back to the customer for final implementation. This prompt service means that no WMG personnel are required to be present at the customer’s site, providing an economical and practical solution to challenging situations. All that remains is for the site to perform its final inspection, verifications, and signatures.

On-Site Solution - ProShipper™

WMG also offers on-site shipping personnel during those times when the off-site e-Shipper™ option is not the best choice. ProShippers™ are highly qualified, extensively trained radwaste shippers with over 10 years of experience. All ProShippers™ are Certified RADMAN™ software users and are present on-site working side-by-side with the Radwaste and Rad Protection Teams, ready and willing to overcome even the most complex issues. Nothing mitigates risk like experience, and our ProShippers™ are the best in the industry.

Each ProShipper™ is backed by round the clock, 24/7 support from WMG’s Corporate Team of Radwaste professionals.

As the average age of utility personnel continues to rise, the resource pool of qualified radioactive waste managers and shippers is shrinking. WMG’s e-Shipper™ and ProShipper™ services bring a practical solution to filling gaps in a utility’s radwaste workforce. Customers can opt for on-site or off-site shipper support as appropriate to fit operational needs.

WMG’s broad spectrum of experience provides our clients with a reliable and efficient resource to help manage their most challenging radioactive waste issues. We have the expertise to ensure projects are completed.

RADMAN™ Shipping Command Center

Our groundbreaking new service that combines all the experience, expertise, and capabilities that you have relied on for over 30 years into a singular, comprehensive solution. The RADMAN™ Shipping Command Center will improve waste management operations on site and reduce the risks associated with characterization, classification and transporting waste and/or material to disposal facilities, waste processors and independent labs. The Shipping Command Center fulfills many primary shipper or secondary shipper responsibilities, providing support for a myriad of tasks and functions to be performed remotely, and where necessary, on-site.

The RADMAN™ Shipping Command Center is staffed by our core group of shipping specialists, who average over 25 years of on-site shipping experience at various facilities in the United States. Whether the need is radwaste staff augmentation, peer review, operational backstops during high volume/critical shipments, or primary shipper functions, our Shipping Command Center will reduce workload, improve overall radwaste capability and reduce the risk of shipment violations at the user’s site.

What else can WMG do for you?

WMG’s staff augmentation capabilities extend beyond shipper support. We can provide professionals with expertise in project management, audit preparation, program evaluations, and more.