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Radwaste Shipping and Regulatory Compliance

Course Length:

4 Days

Course Code:



RC-150, RC-102 or equivalent


49CFR172 Subpart H, 10CFR71.5 & NRC IE 79-19

Audience Profile:

Professionals involved in radioactive shipping support, including HP, RP Tech, Supervisors, Managers, and Radioactive Shippers.

Course Description:

The WMG RC-153 course is a comprehensive program designed to empower HazMat Employees to certify radioactive class 7 material shipments in full compliance with DOT regulations. This course combines RC-152 Radwaste Shipping, RC-103 RADMAN™ Software, and RC-200 Load Securement courses to provide a holistic understanding of radioactive material transport. Participants will delve into practical applications of WMG Computer Programs and their regulatory interfaces in managing radioactive materials and waste.

Skills Gained:

• Effective use of the RADMAN™ Suite
• Adherence to regulatory requirements
• Management of the complexities of radioactive materials and waste
• Transportation mastery of radioactive materials and waste

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