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Employee Spotlight: Nick Shaw


Jul 9, 2023

Come meet one of our team members

 Nick Shaw has been with WMG since 2019 serving as a Programmer. Some of Nick's duties and responsibilities include:

  • Developing and maintaining WMG programs such as RADMAN™  

  • Providing programming support and expertise for WMG webpages, portals, and other projects

  • Supporting and assisting our RADMAN™ users  

Outside of work, Nick enjoys spending time with family and friends and collecting retro video game consoles, amongst other hobbies. Nick enjoys listening to punk rock, and his favorite vacation destination is Long Beach Island, where he makes annual trips to with his family.


"I like being able to solve problems and come up with concise and effective solutions. I also like learning new technologies and learning from the team!" – Nick Shaw, on working at WMG.

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