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Since 1983, WMG has been at the forefront of managing radioactive materials in the nuclear industry. Beginning with RADMAN™, our flagship program, WMG has been serving the commercial nuclear power sector by providing user-friendly applications. These applications help sites in characterizing, managing, and shipping radioactive waste and materials, ensuring compliance with NRC and DOT requirements.


In 1983, WMG launched RADMAN™, a groundbreaking application that revolutionized the management, handling, storage, and shipment of Radwaste and Radioactive Material.

RADMAN™ stands alone as the sole radioactive waste software program sanctioned by the U.S. NRC. For more than four decades, it has been a game-changer, imprinting a lasting influence on the management, handling, storage, and shipment of radioactive waste and material packages. Unmatched in approval and longevity, RADMAN™ redefines the landscape of how we navigate these critical processes.


The RADMAN™ suite, the cornerstone of our software offerings, is not just a mere application – it's a legacy. It's a fixture in nearly every U.S. nuclear power station, finding a place at radwaste processors, disposal facilities, government labs, state agencies, and various other industry-supporting businesses.


SourceTrax™, the solution that makes a challenging task a breeze. This highly functional application doesn't just organize; it elevates the game. By seamlessly blending federal regulatory accountability requirements with site-specific procedural conditions, SourceTrax™ achieves unparalleled functionality and compliance. With SourceTrax™ from WMG, users gain the power to effortlessly track, manage, and maintain accountability for an unlimited number of in-house sources in the most effective and efficient manner imaginable.

Lifecycle Management of Sources


Sample Import Tool

Say goodbye to manual data entry challenges and welcome a new era of efficiency with the Sample Import Tool. This innovative utility program seamlessly integrates with RADMAN, streamlining the import, analysis, and upload of analytical results from Teledyne Brown or Gel Labs.


Meet MegaShield™, the user-friendly Point Kernel Shielding program designed for diverse applications in the nuclear industry. MegaShield™ allows users to effortlessly conduct and document shielding dose to curie conversion calculations. No extensive training required—anyone can run cases after a brief review of the User's Guide.

MegaShield case.png

Simplicity meets Efficiency in MegaShield™


FME Guardian™

FME Guardian™ improves safety and significantly reduces costs associated with Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) operations.  Create and manage FME Zones with zone specific reporting of active workers, items, and work orders. Manage workers and items with the same interface.

Custom Software Services

At WMG, we are dedicated to delivering top-notch software solutions for our customers. Trusted for over 40 years, our solutions have set the industry standard.

Our commitment stands, making us the go-to choice for unparalleled software solutions.

WMG's software is no ordinary software—it's crafted and rigorously tested under our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance program. This isn't just a claim; it's a fact audited by NUPIC. But that's not all. Routine cybersecurity reviews are in place to keep our software at the zenith of quality, availability, security, and confidentiality. With WMG, you're not just getting software; you're getting a commitment to excellence that undergoes scrutiny to ensure it's always top-notch.

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