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WMG owes its reputation in the industry to the trust our customers place in our expertise. This know-how comes in the form of functional teams that work together to produce the best-in-class software and engineering services in the industry. WMG’s functional teams are organized to respond quickly to a customer’s inquiry, be it large or small, simple or complex.

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WMG’s Engineering Team has been at the forefront of radioactive waste management in the commercial nuclear industry. This includes support of hundreds of successful waste management projects over more than forty years. The Engineering Team is the industry leader in characterization and classification of radioactive waste, typically from operating power plants and/or decommissioning power plants. Additionally, the Engineering Team has the experience and expertise to design and fabricate packaging for a wide variety of radioactive material. Packaging ranges from a full suite of steel liners to specialty packaging for components as large as an intact reactor vessel.

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WMG’s Software Development team has continuously developed and supported radioactive waste management software for over forty years. As the only NRC approved application for the characterization of radioactive material, RADMAN™ has evolved into the most comprehensive software suite available in the industry. Currently in use at nearly every domestic commercial nuclear power plant, as well as national labs and industry service organizations, RADMAN™ enjoys a nearly 100% retention rate due to the support and personalized attention we provide to every client. We have the industry expertise, project management experience and software development capability to ensure custom software is designed, developed and implemented successfully, on time and on budget.

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Technical Support

WMG’s Technical Support/Customer Service Group is made up of personnel with years of experience characterizing and shipping radioactive material with our RADMAN™ software. Shipping expertise has been a valuable asset for this team’s success, whether answering a support call or manifesting shipments for our customers.

Excellence in Radioactive Waste Manegement through service, innovation, value and integrity for over 40 years.