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Trust is fragile. It is difficult to earn and easy to lose. As our industry has evolved, companies have come and gone, yet WMG continues to thrive, in large part because of the trust our clients have in our capabilities. Our success is entirely dependent upon your success.

Recent years have put increased pressure on our industry, and we are all asked to do more with less in the name of survival. Experienced professionals are retiring from the industry and in many cases, this process knowledge and expertise isn’t being replaced.

As a proud, independent, family-owned small-business, specializing in software, engineering, characterization and management of radioactive material, our employees have always been our greatest asset. Our employees are recognized experts in the industry and highly respected by clients, competitors, regulators and industry groups for their capabilities and experience.

Even with all of the new challenges we face, our mission of

providing excellence in radioactive waste management

through service, innovation, value and integrity remains

unchanged, and more important than ever.

Allow us the opportunity to earn your trust and we will show

you what it means to have a partner in the industry that is just

as committed to your success as you are.

Kevin Tuite
President and CEO

Kevin Tuite
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