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Packaging and Liners

WMG is your go-to source for Specialty Packaging and Liners in the nuclear power sector. As Nuclear Power Facilities undergo continuous upgrades, the demand for Specialty Packages is inevitable. WMG excels as a turnkey provider, offering design, fabrication, and regulatory compliance services for components like reactor heads and heat exchangers. Our expertise extends to metal liners tailored for commonly used casks, ranging from 8-120s to 14-215s. With two standard designs and a focus on steel open-top liners, WMG ensures reliable solutions for secure transportation and storage. Choose WMG for streamlined, efficient solutions to meet the unique challenges of nuclear power facilities.

Specialty Packaging

Nuclear Power Facilities are continuously maintaining and upgrading their overall material conditions. These activities invariably result in the need to package for shipment or store large, non-standard sized power plant components.


Standard and Custom Liner Services

WMG specializes in the production of various metal liners designed to interface with commonly used casks in the industry, ranging from 8-120s to 14-215s. Our primary focus is on steel open-top liners with wide mouth openings. We offer two standard designs: liners with a ¼" thick body that can be lifted from the lid or lifted from the body (with or without a secondary lid).



The FLTRSTOR™ system revolutionizes the process of loading, storing, and shipping filters that significantly enhance efficiency compared to the traditional method of simply dropping filters into a container. 

Dewatering Liners

Our Dewatering liners incorporate a range of key improvements, inspired by valuable feedback from operators, as well as insights from leading filter suppliers and liner fabricators. With these enhancements, we are proud to offer a solution that significantly reduces failure rates, improves quality, and delivers substantial savings in time, dose, and money.

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