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Shipping Support Services

On-Site and Off-Site Staff Augmentation

As utility personnel age, there is a decline in the availability of qualified professionals to handle and transport radioactive waste. WMG recognizes this challenge and offers the Shipping Command Center, ProShipper™, and Subject Matter Expert (SME) services as a practical solution to bridge the gaps in a utility's radwaste workforce.

To cater to operational needs, customers have the flexibility to choose between on-site or off-site support.  Drawing on WMG's extensive experience in this domain, these services act as a reliable and efficient resource for clients, enabling them to effectively tackle their most intricate radioactive waste challenges. With our expertise, we ensure the successful completion of your projects.

3 Levels of Service


Subject Matter Expert (SME)

WMG will provide Waste Stream Analyses for up to 3 waste streams and 5 independent shipment reviews per plant. 



WMG provides expert on-site shipping professionals to address situations where off-site subject matter expertise may be insufficient.


Shipping Command Center

An all-encompassing service that consolidates over 40 years of experience, expertise, and capabilities into one comprehensive solution.

Level 1

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

WMG offers an annual independent review in compliance with 10 CFR Part 61 for up to three (3) distinct waste streams. Additionally, we provide up to five (5) independent reviews for Waste/Material Shipment Documentation Packages.  This service is particularly beneficial for new shippers requiring a second evaluation of their shipping documentation, as well as experienced shippers who may be overwhelmed or short-staffed. Additionally, WMG offers up to ten (10) 8-120 gamma source strength calculations to further support our clients' needs.


Level 2


WMG provides on-site shipping personnel for situations where the off-site SME service option may not be the most suitable choice. Our ProShippers™ are expert radwaste shippers with extensive training and more than 10 years of experience in the field. They are certified users of RADMAN™ software and work directly on-site, collaborating closely with the Radwaste and Rad Protection Teams. Furthermore, each ProShipper™ is backed by round-the-clock support from WMG's Corporate Team of Radwaste professionals.

Level 3

Shipping Command Center

An all-encompassing service that consolidates over 40 years of experience, expertise, and capabilities into one comprehensive solution. This service aims to enhance waste management operations on site while minimizing the risks associated with waste characterization, classification, and transportation to disposal facilities, waste processors, and independent labs.

Whether you require radwaste staff augmentation, peer review, operational support for high-volume or critical shipments, or primary shipper functions, our Shipping Command Center is here to alleviate your workload. By leveraging our services, you can enhance your overall radwaste capability and mitigate the risk of shipment violations at your site.

Shipping Command Center.png


Constant contact with plant Waste Manager to plan and coordinate shipments.


Work with plant technicians to order liners, boxes and packages


Order and schedule casks with Plant Administration and/or Waste Manager


Preparation and review of shipping papers, written descriptions for marking and labeling, collection of photographic evidence of consignment, etc.

The Shipping Command Center is staffed full time by our core group of shipping specialists who have at least 10 years of shipping experience, but who average over 25 years of on-site shipping experience at various facilities in the United States.  The SCC is supported by WMG’s Engineering and Software groups, so that it can manage everything from the most basic shipment to the most complicated characterization.

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