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Waste Management Consulting

WMG, a leader in nuclear and radiological engineering, offers a range of specialized services to address the diverse needs of the commercial nuclear industry.  In addition to performing the functions listed below, we also offer advice and peer-review in a best-practices capacity.  Our services and review capabilities include:

  • DOSE ASSESSMENTS - Our Radiological Engineering expertise encompasses comprehensive assessments, including Off-Site Dose, Internal Dose, Site Boundary Dose, System/Equipment Shielding, Emergency Planning, and Dose-to-Public evaluations.  

  • SEGMENTATION PLANNING - WMG are the go-to experts for Segmentation Planning, collaborating with clients to optimize the planning process for component management and packaging.  

  • DECOMMISSIONING PLANNING - In the realm of Decommissioning Planning, WMG provides best practices guidance for waste management, ensuring that clients maximize opportunities prior to decommissioning and effectively classify, characterize, and package waste for optimized disposal.

With a commitment to cost-effective and efficient solutions, WMG stands as a reliable partner for complex nuclear and radiological challenges. 

Radiological Engineering

When it comes to radiological engineering, WMG stands at the forefront, harnessing the expertise of renowned professionals in the commercial nuclear field. We offer comprehensive solutions for all your radiological engineering needs, including off-site dose assessments, internal dose assessments, site boundary dose assessments, system/equipment shielding analyses, emergency planning - dose-to-public evaluations, and liquid release impacts.

Segmentation Planning

At WMG, our commitment to excellence extends to Segmentation Planning. We conduct activation analyses on major plant components, working closely with our clients to optimize the segmentation planning process. Regardless of the chosen disposition approach, we strive to develop the most cost-effective means to segment components into manageable pieces, aligning them with your intended packaging and shipment/disposal path.


Decommissioning Planning

Facing the complex challenge of decommissioning? WMG is your trusted partner for expert waste management planning advice. We guide you to leverage opportunities before entering the decommissioning phase, collecting critical information to ensure efficient waste classification, characterization, and packaging for disposal. Let us help you navigate the path to a successful decommissioning process.

Dry Cask Storage Management

WMG has spent over 30 years providing industry leading:

  • Project Management Oversight

  • Project Estimating

  • Project Resource identification & coordination

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