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WMG Liners

WMG specializes in the production of various metal liners designed to interface with commonly used casks in the industry, ranging from 8-120s to 14-215s. Our primary focus is on steel open-top liners with wide mouth openings. We offer two standard designs: liners with a ¼" thick body that can be lifted from the lid or lifted from the body (with or without a secondary lid).

Standard Liners

Our standard liners are made of carbon steel and have wide mouth openings. They are equipped with lids that are secured using gaskets and eight ¾" diameter bolts, except for the lift from the body liners, which are secured using four bolts. We provide liner sizes that are compatible with all available shipping casks.

Standard Liner Table

Custom Liners

At WMG, we recognize that every project is unique, often requiring customized liners. We are committed to addressing the specific needs of our clients and projects. In line with this, we have integrated a range of distinctive features into our product lineup. These encompass Flip Top Lids, Additional Shielding, Fork Lift Pockets, Non-Cylindrical Shapes, and more. Our team takes great pleasure in collaborating with you to combine the precise features necessary to meet your requirements.

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