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The FLTRSTOR™ system revolutionizes the process of loading, storing, and shipping filters, significantly enhancing efficiency compared to the traditional method of simply dropping filters into a container.

Comprising four (4) racks with integrated pallets, the FLTRSTOR™ system enables the reliable accommodation of up to 104 Tri Nuclear type filters (e.g., 6" diameter x 30" length) within our 8-120 custom Open-Top Container, which is provided as part of the system. This integrated solution eliminates the need for multiple handling of each filter during storage, dose profiling, container loading/unloading, and processing, while also increasing the quantity of filters that can be shipped simultaneously. By loading 104 filters in each outgoing FLTRSTOR™ container, significant cost savings are achieved by reducing the number of expensive 8-120B cask shipments and minimizing the required number of containers for large filter cleanout campaigns.


Key Features

One of the key advantages of the FLTRSTOR™ system is its ability to significantly reduce the number of lifting operations required to load filters into the container. This reduction not only minimizes personnel exposure (with one customer reporting a dose savings of over 50% compared to loading individual filters), but it also allows for the optimal positioning of higher dose rate filters at the center of the load, maximizing cask shielding during transport. This positioning is made possible by the traceable individual rack storage cell locations.

Rack Handling

The FLTRSTOR™ racks can be conveniently staged on the pool floor, occupying a footprint of 24" x 58". Alternatively, they can be hung from a suitable curb hanger with a robust weight capacity of approximately 500 lbs.

Once a rack is fully loaded, it is removed and placed inside the provided WMG 8-120 custom open top container. Two (2) racks fit at the bottom of the 120 container, with the remaining two (2) racks stacking on top.  Once all the racks are loaded, the container lid is securely re-installed, and the cask is prepared for shipment off-site to its ultimate disposition.

Rack Features

  • Stainless steel construction with multiple drain holes to support underwater loading.

  • Height = 30 1/8"

  • Footprint = 24"x54"

  • Tare Weight = 180 lbs.

  • Maximum Gross Weight = 530 lbs.

Rack with Filters
Loaded Liner
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