WMG was founded on providing software for the commercial nuclear power industry

REACh™ Detector System

The REACh™ system represents a step change in how low-level waste is characterized and classified. The REACh™ system measures gamma dose rates and gamma emitting activity by radionuclide for quick and accurate characterization results. Hard to-detect nuclides are calculated using waste stream specific scaling factors from the RADMAN™ database for complete characterization and classification in one easy step.

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RADMAN™ is the WMG flagship application. When introduced in 1983, this single software application transformed and forever changed how Radwaste and Radioactive Material would be managed, handled, stored and shipped for final disposition. Since its introduction, over 35 years ago, this ground breaking USNRC approved program has been in use at nearly every U.S. nuclear power facility, in Canada, and at various U.S. government facilities.

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FME Guardian™

FME Guardian™ improves safety and significantly reduces the cost associated with Foreign Material Exclusion (FME) operations. Our latest cloud-based application allows you to track tools and materials quickly and more accurately, improving safety and accountability for FME operations. FME log reconciliation prior to FME zone close-out can be accomplished in minutes versus the typical 4 hours for paper logs.

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Custom Software

WMG is committed to providing the best possible solutions for our customers' software needs. Our trusted solutions have been the industry standard for over 40 years. Our RADMAN™ suite is installed at nearly every U.S. nuclear power station, many radwaste processors, disposal facilities, government labs, stage agencies and other industry supporting businesses.

To this day, through decades of industry and regulatory changes, WMG software is still the standard and remains the only NRC-approved application for the characterization of radioactive material.

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SourceTrax™ is a practical and functional application bringing order to a difficult task. This powerful application integrates federal regulatory accountability requirements and site-specific procedural conditions to give it greater functionality and compliance. WMG’s SourceTrax™ provides the user with the ability to track, manage and maintain accountability of an unlimited number of in-house sources in a highly effective and efficient manner.


MegaShield™ is the easiest to use Point-Kernel Shielding program available for the nuclear industry today. MegaShield allows anyone involved in health physics, radwaste, ALARA or engineering design to routinely perform and document shielding, ALARA and dose-to-curie calculations without formal training.

All WMG software is developed and tested in accordance with our 10 CFR 50 Appendix B Quality Assurance program that is audited by NUPIC and undergoes routine cybersecurity reviews to ensure our software maintains the highest levels of quality, availability, security and confidentiality.