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The REACh™ Detector System revolutionizing LLRW Waste Package Characterization - Where Accuracy Meets Efficiency!

An Innovative Step

The REACh™ System signifies an advancement in the way low-level waste is characterized and classified. By directly measuring gamma dose rates and gamma emitting activity of radionuclides, the REACh™ System can provide rapid and precise characterization results. This is made possible through a fully integrated system involving the REACh™ Detector and the RADMAN™ industry standard radwaste management platform. The detection of hard-to-detect radionuclides (e.g., H-3, C-14, Tc-99, TRUs, etc.) is achieved by utilizing waste stream specific scaling factors from the RADMAN™ database, thus enabling comprehensive characterization and classification in a single straightforward process.

REACh NaL Detector
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RADMAN Enhanced Accurate Characterization
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The Challenge

Overly conservative results can significantly increase the costs associated with packaging, transporting, and disposing of the waste. Current methods for characterizing low-level radioactive waste rely on rough approximations that often lead to overly conservative results. To reduce cost and determine disposition alternatives, more accurate methods are necessary. The current regulatory guidance for characterizing Dry Active Waste (DAW) is hardly representative and the inaccuracies of this method are compounded by the practice of compositing the swipes over time prior to analysis. This leads to an underestimation of short-lived radionuclides, which are typically found in low-level radioactive waste (LLRW).  When dose-to-curie conversion techniques are utilized and hard-to-detect radionuclides are estimated using scaling factors relative to Co-60 or Cs-137, underestimating the short-lived gamma emitters results in an overestimation of the hard-to-detect radionuclides, as well as Co-60 and Cs-137, since the majority of the dose rate is attributable to these two radionuclides. Reliable and efficient real-time radionuclide concentration data is crucial during the processing of nuclear waste at commercial power plants.

REACh Measurement

Our Solution

The REACh™ Detector system is the solution that has been developed to provide a fast, accurate In-Situ Characterization as compared to what is currently available.  This Solution has been designed to save the user time with instantaneous readings, thus minimizing dose with an ALARA conscious solution, and minimizes potential human errors with the integration of both software and hardware.

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