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Revolutionizing Efficiency and Quality

At WMG, we continuously strive for excellence in engineering design and fabrication. Our newly upgraded dewatering liner incorporates a range of key improvements, inspired by valuable feedback from operations, as well as insights from leading filter suppliers and liner fabricators.  With these enhancements, we are proud to offer a solution that significantly reduces failure rates, improves quality, and delivers substantial savings in time, dose, and money.

Experience the next generation of dewatering liners with WMG.  Our commitment to excellence shines through in every aspect of our product, delivering exceptional performance, increased efficiency, and unparalleled quality. Contact us today to learn more and witness the transformative power of our enhanced dewatering liner technology.

Discover the remarkable features of WMG's Dewatering Liners

Dewatering Liners

Customizable for Compatibility

We provide liners that can be easily configured to accept a grapple ring compatible with your plant's existing remote grapple. This customizable feature allows for effortless adaptation to your specific requirements.

Seamless Integration

Our fill-plate is meticulously designed to seamlessly mate with your plant's existing fill-head. With a softer main gasket seal durometer, we ensure an improved seal between the liner and the fill-head. This advanced design guarantees a hassle-free integration process.

Efficient Dewatering System

Our liners are equipped with a proven internal filter dewatering system. By leveraging your existing fill-heads and dewatering systems, this industry-leading technology ensures efficient dewatering processes.

Maximized Surface Area

The strategically sized filters in our liners take full advantage of the distance from the center line tree assembly to the outermost edge.  This innovative design increases the available dewatering surface area by over 35%, reducing the time required to dewater each liner.  Remarkably, this improvement comes with a minimal loss in usable internal volume of less than one cubic foot.

Streamlined Fabrication

Each individual filter comes with a factory-sealed end cap, coupled with our single filter design. This eliminates the need for most hand-seals during fabrication, significantly reducing the number of potential leak points by over 50%.


Superior Durability

The rigid internal filter support system minimizes filter movement during transport, handling, and loading. This ensures a significant reduction in liner failure rates, enhancing the overall reliability and longevity of our liners.

Stringent Quality Control

Our improved filter design allows for the establishment of major filter seal points outside the liner before installation. This unique approach enables a comprehensive inspection of each seal point, ensuring flawless execution. Additionally, our fabrication process includes constant oversight inspection during the installation of the filter internals. Each completed liner undergoes a thorough quality inspection before it is released for shipment from our trusted fabricator.

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