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Shielding Analysis

We have experience using all of the industry standard analysis programs from simple Point-Kernel photon shielding programs to the most complex Monte Carlo Neutron-Particle Transport codes (MCNP). More importantly, we have the experience to know which shielding analysis tool is appropriate for any shielding analysis.

Design Calculations and Evaluations

WMG performs calculations on planned or existing shielding as well as evaluations and provides shielding recommendations. This service can be performed for evaluations of site boundaries as well as general area dose rate estimates for specific projects.


Integrated Evaluations

In most cases, a stand-alone shielding evaluation is not sufficient to support a project. We offer our world class shielding analysis capabilities to cover a wide range of services including packaging evaluations and dose-to-activity modeling (such as dose-to-Curie or dose-to-Becquerels). Our extensive experience with various geometries, sources, and shielding analysis codes gives us the confidence to offer integrated project evaluations.

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