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Load Securement Blocking and Bracing

Course Length:

1 Day

Course Code:



Basic Math Skills


49CFR172 Subpart H, Function-specific 172.704(a)(2), 10CFR71.5(a) & NRC IN 87-31

Audience Profile:

Radioactive Material Shippers and shipping support: HP, RP Tech, Ops, Handlers initial & recurrent training.

Course Description:

The WMG RC-200 course is a beginner-level course and good fundamental refresher designed to provide comprehensive training in the principles and practices of load securement, with a specific focus on blocking and bracing techniques. Participants will gain essential knowledge and skills necessary to ensure the safe and effective transportation of cargo by road, rail, or sea. The course covers the fundamentals of load distribution, center of gravity considerations, and the application of various blocking and bracing methods to prevent shifting or damage during transit.

Skills Gained:

• Identify regulators who control the safe and secure transport of radioactive class 7 materials.
• Explain the reasons proper load securement is required.
• Identify proper load securement techniques and equipment.
• Apply the practices discussed to the North American Cargo Securement Standard.
• Demonstrate an understanding of U.S. DOT Federal Motor Carrier Safety and Federal Highway Administration Rules and Regulations.
• Describe how to safely load and secure specific types of commodities.

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