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Regulatory General Awareness + RADMAN™ Introduction

Course Length:

5 Days

Course Code:



Basic Math Skills


49CFR172 Subpart H, NRC IE 79-19

Audience Profile:

Professionals involved in radioactive shipping support, including HP, RP Tech, Ops, Handlers, Supervisors, Managers, Radwaste Shippers, and Maintenance personnel. This course’s content is especially beneficial for new radioactive shippers training, and serving as a prerequisite for Function-specific (RC-153) shippers training.

Course Description:

The WMG-RC-151 course integrates key components from RC-150 hazardous material transportation regulations (DOT, NRC, EPA) and RC-101 RADMAN™ software introduction courses. This beginner-level course and good fundamental refresher is designed to provide participants with a comprehensive understanding of the regulatory landscape and practical skills in utilizing the RADMAN™ software for managing the transportation of radioactive materials.

Skills Gained:

• Identify regulators controlling the safe and secure transport of radioactive class 7 materials
• Describe constituents regulated as hazardous
• Determine when cargo qualifies as a DOT 49 CFR hazardous material and its type
• Understand DOT shipping quantity regulations for hazardous materials
• Identify the primary hazard class and any subsidiaries when multiple hazards are present
• Determine the proper shipping name for a given hazardous material description
• Describe the process to determine appropriate packaging for hazardous materials
• Determine class 7 radiation and contamination controls and limitations
• Identify hazardous material communications required for a shipment
• Determine when additional security measures are necessary
• Identify extra requirements for waste shipments for processing or disposal
• Describe any additional transport vehicle requirements

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