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Use of WMG Programs and Regulatory Interfaces

Course Length:

3 Days

Course Code:



Basic Math Skills


49CFR172 Subpart H, Function-specific 172.704(a)(2) & NRC IE 79-19

Audience Profile:

Professionals involved in radioactive shipping support, including Shippers, Managers and Supervisors.

Course Description:

The WMG RC-102 course is an intermediate-level program that focuses on the practical application of WMG Computer Programs and their regulatory interfaces in the management of radioactive materials and waste. Participants will explore the RADMAN™ Suite main menu options, gaining proficiency in critical tools for managing such materials. The course covers regulatory limits, calculation techniques, and documentation generation using WMG programs. It also provides detailed instruction on waste stream sampling for compliance with 10CFR Part 61, defining RADMAN waste types, and characterizing packaged radioactive materials and waste. Additionally, participants will learn about the essential parameters for preparing shipping paperwork and generating compliant shipping documents. Through hands-on training and verification exercises, participants will acquire the skills needed for accurate data input, quality assurance, and regulatory compliance.

Skills Gained:

• Navigate the RADMAN™ Suite
• Understand Regulatory Limits
• Perform Scaling Calculations
• Manage Waste Stream Sampling Data
• Characterize Radioactive Materials/Waste
• Prepare Shipping Documentation
• Verify Data Accuracy
• Apply Knowledge in Practical Scenarios
• Promote Regulatory Compliance

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