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Employee Spotlight: Adam Moskowitz


Oct 12, 2022

Come meet one of our team members

Adam Moskowitz has been with WMG since June 2022, as a Mechanical Engineer. Previously, Adam worked as a nuclear engineer for the United States Navy. Some of Adam's duties and responsibilities include:

  • Designing packaging for the transportation and disposal of nuclear material.

  • Assisting the nuclear engineers in characterization and classification of radioactive material. Performing complex calculations to get activity by nuclide on a component and classify it based on NRC guidelines for disposal.  

Outside of work, Adam enjoys reading science fiction, listening to indie folk rock, and spending time with his wife, Tabitha.


"I like the unique challenges we face every day. Every packaging problem is unique, with different requirements and expectations from the client. Also being able to take my previous experience as a nuclear engineer in the defense sphere and bring it into the commercial sphere has been a very exciting experience." – Adam Moskowitz, on working at WMG.

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