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Employee Spotlight: Connor Aldea


Jun 30, 2022

Come meet one of our team members!

Connor Aldea has been with WMG for 4 years as a Nuclear Engineer, since graduating from Penn State. Some of Connor’s responsibilities and duties include:

  • Characterization and classification of radioactive material. Performing complex calculations to get activity by nuclide on a component and classify it based on NRC guidelines for disposal.

  • Shielding analysis. Using MegaShield ™ and MCNP to model complex geometries and estimate dose rates for various purposes, especially DOT shipping dose rate limits and estimating required shielding. 

  • Technical expertise. Assisting plants and decommissioning sites on all aspects of the regulatory guidelines and RADMAN ™ to help projects and planning. Connor particularly enjoys decommissioning work, as there is always something new and unique happening on these projects.

When not working, Connor enjoys watching New York and Penn State sports, spending time with his cat Cleo, playing golf, tennis, and traveling. He also enjoys alternative rock.


“I enjoy most that every day is different from the last. In our work there are always new and unique problems, and we have to come up with solutions to assist our customers. Rarely am I doing the same task over and over.” – Connor Aldea, on working at WMG.

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