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Employee Spotlight: Matthew Harper


May 31, 2024

As one of our highly skilled Nuclear Engineers, Matthew Harper plays a crucial role in our organization, contributing his expertise and passion to ensure the success of our projects.

Matthew Harper has been with WMG for almost 11 months, with his one-year anniversary in July! As a nuclear engineer at WMG, his responsibilities include:

  • Supporting customers with the characterization and classification of low-level radioactive waste/materials

  • Applying knowledge of NRC and DOT rules and regulations to ensure compliance

  • Creating models in software programs like MegaShield™ and Monte Carlo Neutron-Particle Transport codes (MCNP®) to evaluate complex shielding and dose rate scenarios

In his free time, Matthew enjoys golfing, walking his cat through forest trails, and taking the train into New York City to catch up with friends for the weekend. His favorite project so far has been working on the EnergySolutions Canada Walker Operations Facility, where he used MCNP to assist in evaluating fence-line dose rates.

His favorite vacation destination so far is New Orleans, Louisiana, for its great food, rich culture, and Bourbon Street. Matthew's favorite genre of music is Alternative/Indie Rock, and he enjoys bands like Vundabar, flyingfish, and Hockey Dad. If he could be any animal for 24 hours, he would choose to be a peregrine falcon because they’re the fastest animals alive, capable of reaching up to 200 mph when diving.

"I like how every project and assignment presents an opportunity for me to deepen my understanding of the radwaste industry and become more familiar with the nuances that come with it." -Matthew Harper, on working at WMG.

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