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Farewell - Steve and John!


Jun 30, 2022

Two Legends Retire...

As many of you know,  two of our long-time employees, Steve Berger and John LePere, have retired, after both being part of the WMG Family for nearly 20 years. Please join us in wishing them a happy retirement, and in hoping they are enjoying some well-deserved relaxation!

John LePere began working at WMG, inc. in 2004, as our Nuclear Services General Manager. Over the next 18 years, John also served as Vice President and Director of Logistics, Shipping, and Disposal. One of the nicest people you could ever meet, we will miss John's expertise, wisdom, and always-upbeat attitude.

Steve Berger began working at WMG in 2007, serving as our Training and Customer Service Manager. Those of you that know Steve know  that his professionalism and humor will be greatly missed! 


Although they may be gone, their knowledge persists at WMG. We couldn't be more appreciative of the hard work Johnny and Steve have put in over the years, and we wish them nothing but the best while they enjoy their well-earned retirement!

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