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Important Update


Mar 31, 2023

Regarding the NRC's Uniform Low-Level Waste Manifest

Many have noticed that the current US NRC Uniform Low-Level Waste Manifest (UWM) included several new additions when Revision 3 was issued in June of 2021. One of these new additions was the inclusion of an OMB number and expiration date. The current UWM had an expiration date of 1/31/2023, which led many sites to question whether it is acceptable to continue using an expired manifest. 

As a result of a WMG discussion with the NRC on February 13th 2023, to address the expiration date of the UWM, the NRC has updated their website to include guidance that "use of the NRC UWM forms with the 1/31/2023 expiration date and the form date of 06-2021 is acceptable in the interim". Further, the NRC informed WMG that the expected OMB approval of the UWM will not result in any material changes to the manifest with the exception of a change of the expiration date and/or form date.

The NRC has said that going forward, the NRC form library will be updated every 30 days, with a new expiration date until OMB approval has been issued. In the interim, it is not necessary to revise your waste manifests, nor is it necessary to remediate the waste manifest by striking the expiration date. 

The updated clarification is in bold text at the top of the NRC Low-Level Waste Disposal page, which can be found here:  

Uniform Waste Manifest |  

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