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Infrastructure Upgrades


Oct 12, 2022

Striving for Continuous Improvement

As cybersecurity threats evolve, and in an effort to continuously improve performance and capabilities, we routinely evaluate and upgrade the environment that powers RADMAN™, FME Guardian™, REACh™ and all of our other software products.


In late October, we will be migrating all services, websites, and databases to new equipment. The new servers will increase processor core/thread density, increase SSD-RAID storage pools, update operating systems, and add support for stronger, FIPS Compliant encryption as recommended by NIST-800 Rev2.


An approximately four-hour window will be planned during off-hours for the transition period. We do not expect any disruption of service, and certainly do not expect the transition to take that long; however, for planning purposes, please note the migration timeframe that will be communicated.


This upgrade significantly adds to our backup and recovery capability, quadrupling our total backup pool, allowing years of hourly backups before storage capacity becomes a concern.  In addition, new, more powerful processing servers allow us to move more of the intensive functions of RADMAN™, and the planned Reporting Portal into the cloud for better performance and faster calculations.

The added performance, storage, monitoring and security capabilities of the new infrastructure will allow us to focus on building a strong platform for RADMAN™ 10 and all of our future software products.

Once we have completed the coordination and scheduling, a detailed notification will be distributed to all RADMAN ™ Users.    

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