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RADMAN™ Suite 9.5.1 Release


Jan 13, 2021

The newest release of RADMAN™ Suite is now available.

WMG Inc. is pleased to announce the release of RADMAN™ Suite 9.5.1. This is an update to our previously announced RADMAN™ 9.5.0 update.

RADMAN™ 9.5.1 incorporates 26 regulatory, user-submitted and WMG generated software change requests. Major enhancements to RADMAN™ 9.5.1 include updated Waste Manifests per the NRC Uniform LLRW Manifest October 2020 revision, 2020 Emergency Response Guide pages, 3 Meter Dose Override with combined packages, and the addition of NUREG 1608 Guidance for A1 value to client settings.

The distribution of this release of RADMAN™ is in the form of a Disk Image in either .ISO or .ZIP format and can be downloaded from the WMG Software Users Area website.

As with recent RADMAN™ releases, a full installation package, including software and Q/A related documentation is available, as well as a V&V release which allows multiple versions of RADMAN™ to be installed on the same workstation. This V&V release does not include software documentation and is intended to be used for testing and validation of RADMAN™ releases.

(RADMAN 9.5.1 Download Page)

The Disk Image contains:

  • The RADMAN™ Suite 9.5.1 installation

  • The RADMAN™ Suite Operating Procedure (WMG-P-103 Rev. 11)

  • The RADMAN™ Suite Operating Procedure Signature page

  • The File listing for installed files associated with this software application.

  • The RADMAN™ Iteration Summary, including a full regression test plan

No previous RADMAN™ versions are required prior to installing the software included with this release.

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