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RADMAN™ Suite 9.5.3 Release


Oct 15, 2021

The newest release of RADMAN™ Suite is now available.

The RADMAN™ Software Suite has evolved over the years focusing on maintaining compliance with ever-changing regulatory requirements and expanding the functionality of the software. User submitted requests, although secondary to regulatory requirements, are equally important to the evolution of RADMAN™. As every site utilizes the software differently, the feedback provided to us from the end users is paramount to the continuous improvement that we strive for. WMG is pleased to announce the release of RADMAN™ 9.5.3 on October 15, 2021. This release incorporates a total of twenty-six (26) updates. These software modifications are based on regulatory changes, user submitted requests, WMG enhancements and error corrections.

Major enhancements include updating eTrans™ output to be compliant with the latest EnergySolutions electronic Waste Manifest revision, several modifications to all waste manifests for NUREG/BR-0204 Rev 3 compliance, a new user setting which determines whether Appendix G LLD nuclides contribute to NRC Waste Class, and a new US Ecology Waste Manifest. RADMAN™ 9.5.3 also incorporates numerous reporting corrections, the most significant of which is the discontinuation of Letter size (8.5” x 11”) manifests and the return of Legal size (8.5” x 14”) manifests. This update corrects concerns with details on the manifest being truncated and/or wrapping due to space limitations on both printed output and Excel exports.


  • Waste Manifests and Shipping Papers revision date has been updated to 10-2021 per the final update of NUREG/BR-0204 Revision 3

  • Replacement of Letter-sized manifests with Legal-sized page

  • Addition of a user setting that, when enabled, has LLD activity for Appendix G nuclides (H-3, C-14, Tc-99, I-129) contributing to NRC waste class calculations

  • Update to eTrans output to be compliant with EnergySolutions revised file layout, dated May 17, 2021

  • Addition of US Ecology waste manifest template

  • Addition of US Ecology Sum of Fractions report


  • Increased Sample Name limit to 255 characters

  • Increased Waste Stream Description limit to 255 characters


  • Changed “Created By” label when producing reports from WMG support accounts

  • Corrected formatting errors on Combined Package Concentration Averaging report

  • Corrected issue with SourceTrax Leak Test fields overlapping when form is resized

  • Updates to correct typos and wording on Barnwell, Clive, WCS and Uniform LLRW manifests

  • Modified warning message when adding an NRC Class N (GTCC) package to a waste or material shipment

  • Changed WCS manifest block 5 label to “ELITE Shipment Request #”

  • Updated Item reports (Misc Item, Instruments & Articles and Sources) to show weights and volume in scientific format when the entered value is less than 0.01

  • Added footnote to Part 61 reports to provide explanation for N/A percentages

  • Added Electronic Submittal Checkbox to all Manifests

  • Updated eTrans version number to 6.2 on Record 1


  • Corrected an error where the NRC/DOT report would report incorrect concentration for Empty Packages with a waste weight of zero (divide by zero error)

  • Corrected an error where certain warnings/notifications would not be visible if other warnings/notifications are displayed

  • Corrected error on Emergency Response Guide pages where descriptor text is truncated

  • Corrected error that displays out-of-date classification/characterization information in Combine Filter report when the 3-meter dose override is changed

  • Corrected issue that displayed “All Nuclides” in Add/Edit Sample when the “Show Only Custom Nuclides” setting is enabled

  • Remove “Mixed” from Nuclide Library

  • Remove “Mixed” from Sample Add/Edit screen

  • Corrected error in Sample selection popup screen on Add/Edit filter, which did not register the selection correctly

As with recent RADMAN™ releases, a full installation package, including software and Q/A related documentation is available, as well as a V&V release which allows multiple versions of RADMAN™ to be installed on the same workstation. This V&V release does not include software documentation and is intended to be used for testing and validation of RADMAN™ releases. Download

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