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RADMAN™ Suite 9.6.1 Release


Sep 23, 2022

The newest release of RADMAN™ Suite is now available.

WMG, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of RADMAN™ Suite 9.6.1.

This release corrects a conservative classification error when concentration averaging filters (WMG RCA 22-006).

Additional changes include a fix to the Layout Manager UI and removal of the solidification option when characterizing Direct Sample package

No previous RADMAN™ versions are required prior to installing the software included with this release.

Correct Error with Concentration Averaging Filters

In some circumstances, RADMAN would incorrectly disqualify a combined filter package from concentration averaging to a lower NRC waste class based on the 2015 BTP criteria.

Remove Solidification Option when Characterizing Direct Sample Packages

The ability to input a solidification volume fraction and sample density when characterizing Direct Sample packages has been removed. This feature was not broadly used and did not work as intended.

Fix Minor Errors in the Layout Manager UI

The Layout Manager UI feature would, in some circumstances, display incorrect columns and cause crashes when used on the Package Listing screen.

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