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RADMAN™ Suite 9.6.2 Release


Jul 20, 2023

The newest release of RADMAN™ Suite is now available.

WMG, Inc. is pleased to announce the release of RADMAN™ Suite 9.6.2. This release includes fifty-two (52) updates, improvements, and bug fixes.

Among the changes are the NRC-approved removal of the OMB expiration date from the waste manifest forms, improvements to the Activity Cutoff client setting, and the addition of the new SNM and Fissile nuclides report.

Complete list of changes

New Features and Improvements

  • Changed the default activity unit from TBq to Bq when using SI units.

  • Added a new option to shipments, "For combined packages, do not report inner containers on the Form 541".

  • Added the ability to print the Waste Profile report from the Shipment Listings and the Print All screen for a shipment.

  • Updated references to US Ecology to reflect the acquisition by Republic Services, Inc. The site is now called Republic Services Richland.

  • Added a new field in destinations to input a Default Shipper ID (PNP). This value is used to populate the equivalent field when adding a shipment to that destination.

  • Added a new "SNM and Fissile nuclides" report for packages and shipments. Removed the equivalent fissile nuclides table from the package characterization report.

  • Removed the ability to move (i.e., change the location of) shipped packages.

  • Change the UI theme for the shipped shipments screen to distinguish it from the staged shipments screen.

  • Remove the ability to change manifest notes when editing a package.

  • Add additional information (plant name, contact name) to the shipper dropdown when adding a shipment.

  • Updated Shipment DOT Override options to allow for Type A evaluation when LSA/SCO 3-meter dose rate exceeds 1 rem/h.

  • Updated the activity cutoff client setting function so nuclides below the cutoff threshold which are in the top 95% of activity contribution will no longer be removed. Cutoff logic applies only to the Package Characterization, DOT and Radioactive Reports.

  • Update scaling logic to more consistently handle LLD nuclides.

  • Removed the OMB expiration date from the NRC forms 540, 540A, 541, and 541A. It is no longer required.

  • Updated the NRC Universal Low-Level Waste Manifest forms to report the current NUREG/BR-0204 Rev 3 form edition (04-26-2023).

Bug Fixes

  • Restored the "Create new filter?" prompt that is displayed when saving a filter. This function was inadvertently disabled in a prior update.

  • Fixed an error shown when viewing or editing a shipment with a shipper that has been archived.

  • Fixed a bug that miscalculated the combined package tare weight when inner container(s) are included.

  • Corrected an error with the overpack (-OP) container description not being shown correctly on some manifest formats.

  • Updated the uncombine filters listing to exclude shipped filters.

  • Fixed an error when attempting to review or send a notification regarding a shipment to your client via StORM.

  • Fixed a bug which prevented updates to a package/waste stream 1.21 category before generating the Reg Guide 1.21 report.

  • Fixed a bug with the ETrans file output if the user overrides one of the Manifest Note 2 to be blank.

  • Corrected an error that prevented report generation of packages received via StORM.

  • Fixed a bug with the sample revision date not changing when cloning a sample.

  • Fixed a bug with the "external dimensions" checkbox being erroneously unchecked when editing a container.

  • Updated the combined package screen to use the appropriate client selected unit of measure in the Working Totals section.

  • Fixed a bug on the dose-to-curie validation report which displayed an incorrect low energy cutoff value.

  • Fixed a bug which erroneously reset container variables (like percent full) when refreshing the screen while adding a combined package.

  • Fixed a bug where the vendor's name could be blank when adding a sample.

  • Updated reports to prevent very low weight and volume values from displaying "0" due to rounding and formatting.

  • Fixed a bug where the H-3 override did not use the correct units of measure for SI units.

  • Fixed a bug when choosing "Save As" after decay correcting a distribution would not correctly decay the new distribution.

  • Updated contamination inputs to support decimal values.

  • Fixed a bug where the continuation page for the material shipping papers would not display the contents description.

  • Updated filter break point report formatting so breakpoints less than 1 will no longer display as "0".

  • Fixed a bug when generating the manifest from the Add Shipment screen would alter a package's nuclides to remove the LLD flag, impacting subsequent reports.

  • Removed the Part 61 report as an option in the Print All form for material packages.

  • Fixed a bug where the Package Characterization report for filter packages did not include all expected nuclides.

  • Fixed a bug with the 3-meter dose rate report not showing the correct A1 fractions for nuclides.

  • Fixed several bugs with the Part 61 report. Correctly include or exclude LLD activity from the sum of fractions based on established RADMAN™ logic.

  • Fixed a bug where the Form 541 item 1 total activity was not including LLD activity when it should.

  • Fixed a bug which showed an error when attempting to view the nuclide library with SI units enabled.

  • Fixed a bug with the location info report not showing the location name or description.

  • Fixed a bug when cloning a package which has a flowable material selected in the Manifest Note 2.

  • Fixed a bug where the "working totals" for a combined package would not update when all packages were removed.

  • Fixed a bug when editing a combined distribution which has samples with different sets of nuclides.

  • Fixed a bug with the nuclide concentration report to always show concentration for relevant LLD nuclides.

As with recent RADMAN™ releases, a full installation package, including software and Q/A related documentation is available, as well as a V&V installer which allows multiple versions of RADMAN™ to be installed on the same workstation. This V&V installer is intended to be used for testing and validation of RADMAN™ releases.

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