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Subject Matter Expert Support


Apr 23, 2020

Take advantage of WMG experience and expertise with RADMAN™ SME Support.

Short-Staffed and Loaded to the Gills?

Consider using the RADMAN™ add-on Subject Matter Expers Support that provides for independent review of shipping documentation and waste stream analysis on a real-time basis.

Short Handed Are you working with staff shortages due to the efforts of social distancing?

Second Set of Eyes Experienced shippers are waiting to support you. Don't hold up a shipment, your success is our goal.

We are Here to Help! We can help, with the ability to perform a remote independent review of shipping documentation or a waste stream analysis.

Give us a Call

This could be the answer to your 16-hour days.

Learn how to get this service added to your RADMAN™ Subscription

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