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WMG Liners


Mar 28, 2023

Standard, FLTRSTOR, Dewatering, and Custom Liners

Standard Liners

WMG's standard liners are made from carbon steel and feature wide mouth openings.  The lids are installed with gaskets and eight 3/4" bolts. We offer liner sizes that are compatible with all of the available shipping casks.

Our typical offerings include liners made from 1/4" bodies and feature either a "lift from the lid" (with our without a secondary lid) or a "lift from the body" design. One of the great features of our "lift from the body" liners is that their lids are installed with gaskets and only four 3/4" bolts.


The FLTRSTOR™ system is an integrated system that helps clients load, store, and ultimately ship filters with greatly improved efficiency compared to the normal process of simply dropping filters into a container. The system consists of four (4) racks with integrated pallets that allow for a total of 104 Tri Nuclear type filters (e.g., 6” dia. X 30” length) to reliably fit in our 8-120 custom Open-Top Container (which is included with the system).

Dewatering Liners

WMG's new innovation in Dewatering Liners incorporates many key improvements in engineering design & fabrication which are based on feedback from operations, the filter supplier, and our liner fabricator. WMG's new design has significantly improved on performance and efficiency, exceeding our goal of producing a dewatering liner that reduces failure rates, all while saving time, dose, and money.

Custom Liners

WMG designs a variety of custom metal liners that are able to interface with the most commonly used casks in the industry, from the 8-120s up to the 14-215s. We focus on steel, open top, wide mouth liners. 

Every project is different and some require aluminium liners. Accordingly, WMG offers liners with lightweight aluminium flip top lids that easily seal with clamps and one bolt, as well as our "stadium" shaped liner that has flat sides in order to be fit through doors.

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