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WMG Welcomes Four New Sites Into the RADMAN™ Family


Jun 16, 2021

We’re excited to announce that four new commercial sites are using our world-class software!

Recently, 4 new sites have joined the WMG family and adopted the industry standard RADMAN™ Suite: Canadian Nuclear Laboratories, NEWGreen Legacy Services, Columbia Generating Station, and Comanche Peak. We’re thrilled to announce these partnerships and look forward to assisting these new clients wherever possible with the top-tier customer support & service that WMG is known for.

Canadian Nuclear Laboratories (CNL)CNL is Canada’s premier nuclear science and technology organization, and a world leader in developing nuclear technology for peaceful and innovative applications. CNL is helping to restore and protect the environment, advancing clean energy technology, and pioneering medical breakthroughs to continue improving the health of people around the world.As part of a major technology and work process modernization effort, CNL evaluated numerous vendors and software packages, ultimately selecting RADMAN™ for their rad material management software. CNL also worked closely with WMG to define and develope a custom software application that integrates with RADMAN™ to create a comprehensive sample management and analysis suite.

Comanche PeakWMG is pleased to welcome Comanche Peak, a two-unit nuclear power plant southwest of Dallas, Texas as one of our newest RADMAN™ subscribers! Comanche Peak recognized WMG’s high level of customer support, our continuous improvements to RADMAN™, and the integration of end-user feedback from the past 25 years to provide more value than lower cost alternatives they had previously used.

Columbia Generating StationColumbia Generating Station is the only operating commercial nuclear power plant in the country that ships waste to US Ecology. After several years of using a competing software product, Columbia Generating Station opted to return to RADMAN™ for its simplicity, accuracy and best in class support. We’re excited to have them return and look forward to helping them meet their radwaste software needs.

NewGreen Legacy ServicesWMG, Inc. is pleased to announce an agreement to provide the RAMSHP™ & StORM™ software subscription to NEWGreen Legacy Services, Inc. RAMSHP™ is used to manifest and document radioactive materials shipments between licensees. RAMSHP™ will characterize, ship, and track radioactive material shipments in accordance with NRC and DOT regulations as well as IAEA, ICAO and IATA rules and regulations. StORM™ is a companion program to RAMSHP™ and is used to characterize, inventory, and track vendor equipment received on-site in support of outage activities. It will maintain the inventory received and enables the user to quickly re-characterize the equipment and manifest it for return once the outage is over.

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