The Industry Standard Radwaste Management Software for Over 36 Years

When introduced in 1983, this single software application transformed and forever changed how Radwaste and Radioactive Material would be managed, handled, stored and shipped for final disposition. Since its introduction, over 36 years ago, this ground-breaking USNRC approved program has been in use at nearly every U.S. nuclear power facility, in Canada, and at various U.S. government facilities.

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Operating Platform

The cloud-based RADMAN™ Suite is built on the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, SQL Sever 2016 and SQL Reporting Services. RADMAN™ Suite supports all current versions of the Windows Operating Systems.

Security and Stability

The RADMAN™ Suite back-end promotes a well defined security envelope and emphasizes reliability and performance. It consists of high-availability database server instances, load balanced web farms, and dedicated equipment that is operated and maintained at WMG’s third party hosting provider. WMG also utilizes services to monitor and minimize the threat of data breaches.

Annual Users Group Meeting

All current RADMAN™ users receive invitations to the WMG RADMAN™ Users Group Meeting. This annual gathering provides users with the opportunity to offer suggestions for improvement of the RADMAN™ Suite, group discussion of industry-relevant topics and networking with industry peers.


  • Advanced Characterization Methodologies
  • Applies all relevant NRC, DOT, IAEA, and disposal site requirements to each package and shipment
  • Ability to enter and use site-specific radwaste information
  • Multiple Characterization Methods
    • Gross Gamma
    • Direct Sample
    • Swipe Characterization (SCO Smears)
  • Concentration Averaging with support for both the 1995 and 2015 BTP
  • 10 CFR Part 37 Storage Module