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45 Years of Experience in Radioactive Material & Waste Management Through
Service, Innovation, Value and Integrity

Saving you Time, Dose, and Money


We Deliver Exceptional Products and Services to the Nuclear Industry

WMG, Inc. is an engineering firm celebrating 45 years of experience specializing in services and software for the nuclear industry.  We have offices in New York and Florida.

We are an agile, energetic company that provides our clients with the highest level of service by creating a communicative, proactive environment, built on teamwork.

We are the characterization experts providing onsite and offsite turnkey support with proven history of saving our clients dose, time and money. 


WMG applies its greater than 200 years of collective staff nuclear industry experience to solve material management challenges. 

Our Characterization Services include Material and Waste Characterization & Classification, Shielding Analyses, Material Management Consulting, and Decommissioning.


Our field demonstrated portfolio showcases a multitude of successful projects where we have excelled in designing, fabricating, and delivering optimized packaging solutions for various waste forms, including those that are complex, routine, and non-routine in nature.  The customer base includes commercial nuclear utilities, US DOE, US Navy, and other domestic and international research institutions.


WMG was founded on providing characterization software for the commercial nuclear power industry.


To this day, through decades of industry and regulatory changes, WMG software remains as the standard and the only NRC-approved application for the characterization & classification of radioactive materials and wastes.  

Shipping Support

As the average age of the nuclear industry personnel continues to rise, the resource pool of qualified radioactive material & waste managers and shippers is shrinking. WMG’s Shipping Support Services provide a practical solution both onsite  and offsite to assist our clients on an as needed or turnkey basis.

WMG’s broad spectrum of experience provides our clients with reliable and efficient resources to help manage their most challenging radioactive material and waste issues. We have the expertise to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget.


WMG courses are designed to help you satisfy all regulatory training requirements.  The lesson plans are comprehensive and delivered by highly experienced shippers and experts such as James Leonard.  Of significant importance is our flexibility to customize course content by integrating the client’s specific requirements.  WMG routinely provides open enrollment classes as well as onsite classes.

Several WMG courses are approved by the American Academy of Health Physics (AAHP) for Continuing Education Credits (CEC).



WMG Logo

The WMG Team are amongst the Best and Brightest in the Radioactive Material and Waste Management Industry

We routinely save you time, dose, and money.

WMG’s proven expertise has been demonstrated in such areas as Major Component Disposition, D&D project management and support, Irradiated Hardware and Spent Fuel Services in Canada, Europe and at every nuclear power facility in the U.S., with well over 1,700 completed projects to date.

Satisfied Clients: Our Greatest Achievement

We Partner with Each Client

Partnering and collaborating with our clients, we use empirical measurements and factor in local operational controls that allow us to quickly identify achievable and practicable solutions. WMG is able to develop expert and defensible radiological characterization basis to identify the appropriate planning, operational, packaging and disposition alternatives.

What our clients say about WMG

"...We have developed a great partnership with WMG and their dedication to our plant is evident in all aspects of radwaste disposal. Not only is their software the gold standard, we appreciate their attention to detail and creative approach to deliver solutions to our radwaste issues. In addition, their customer service and personalized attention given to the clients is unequaled in the nuclear industry..."

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